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Niittykahvila Cafe of the Silent People offers an unforgettable experience for all motorists driving along Highway 5. If you need a cup of coffee between Suomussalmi and Kuusamo, this is the place to visit! Come and taste our proper fire-brewed, kettle coffee and delicious butter-baked Finnish crepes.We offer travellers a unique opportunity to travel back in time. Back to when haymaking took weeks and labourers slept in the barn.In our accessible facilities, it’s easy to come in.

Ritva Huttunen used to look at the Silent People and travellers hitting their brakes while driving along Highway 5.

Story of Niittykahvila


”A clean, cozy place and worth of visiting. Delicious buns and warm customer service. A small boutique with local products, good takeaways from along the way.”

”A wonderful resting place. A pot of soot coffee and crepes with raspberry jam or reindeer filling will crown the day better.”

”Tasty salmon soup, it takes your tongue away and the crapes melt in your mouth, and what a wonderful environment, it’s worth of push the brakes and experience this taste.”

”Cozy, atmosphere, wonderful when we was leaving and everything was covered in blue twilight and the silent people were illuminated.”

”Thank you very much for a memorable moment at Niittykahvila! Your song will stay in our minds as a beautiful memory, history also like a string of pearls. You crowned our journey, refreshed our minds; we wish a blessing for you wonderful person.”

”I had never been in the nature of Kainuu or the Silent People, and I was genuinely left with the feeling that I can’t be the same as I was after this experience. The nature was so beautiful in a very special way.”

We are open 2024

  5.6. – 16.6. at 10 – 17
17.6. – 31.7. at 09 – 18
1.8. – 22.9. at 10 – 17

Embrace of Mother Nature Lunch every day from 20th of June until 6th of August. Pleace make a reservation in advance if you have a group more than 10 person.

Viitostie 547
89600, Suomussalmi

Call 050 362 0609

Ask offer for your group

Story Of Niittykahvila

Ritva Huttunen used to look at the Silent People and travellers hitting their brakes while driving along Highway 5. The artwork of Reijo Kela surely makes you want to hit the brakes, and it became clear that people travelling along Highway 5 wanted to explore it further.

During the cafe’s first summer, Ritva set up a tent in the field, lit a fire, made a few cups of fire-roasted kettle coffee and offered rusks to the first of her first customers. Years went by and the smoke coming from the fire signalled that Niittykahvila Cafe was open to all travellers.

As the number of customers grew, so did the cafe. One of the barns was turned into simple lodging for travellers, and one offered a small space for sales. Muurinpohja-crepes and fire-roasted kettle coffee were made on the open fire to the delight of customers. As the time goes by, the Meadow cottage was built for the heart of the restaurant. Niittykahvila Cafe and Meadow cottage restaurant grew into an international and unique oasis in the middle of these backwoods.

The cafe has offered jobs for countless young people, as well as Ritva who works as the cafe’s and restaurant´s hostess.

Finnish crepes as well as fire-roasted kettle coffee made on the fire have both remained popular from one year to the next.

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