Place for break

The silent people’s Niittykahvila-cafe and Niittytupa restaurant offer groups an unforgettable break. We tell you the story of Silent People and the whole place, perhaps even with a surprise.

Ask for our Offers for coffee or Dining and we will plan a break suitable for your group! Have a nice travel!

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Birthdays, bachelor parties, weddings, reunions

The old logs of the cottage have witnessed countless birthdays, bachelor and hen parties, retirement parties, weddings, reunions and all the emotions that come with them.The light shed on the Silent People creates a mysterious atmosphere during dark nights.

We can even plan programs for your celebrations.

These parties are truly something to remember!

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Meetings and
corporate retreats

When you need a quiet place for meetings, Meadow Cottage is the place for you. We offer the right solutions for business meetings.

Does your work community need a boost of creativity?

Come to the Meadow Cottage of the Silent People!

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Hämärän Hyssyn

Pre-Christmas parties

The Christmas spirit is awakened in the easy-going mood of the softly-lit Meadow Cottage. All the best stories about haymaking, home elves and Christmas traditions come to mind while sitting by the lively fire.

You can enjoy the atmosphere of the darkening evenings and watch how the sparks glimmer against the night sky. During the winter, the sight of the Silent People covered in snow is unique and memorable.

You can relax and be present in the now while we tell you the story of the Silent People.

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